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【如何向贸消部举报:MBI - Mface 】
贸消部的这句话,就应该对他打脸了。 保护公民与消费者利益本来就是他们的责任。但是因为办公司的冷气太冷,装修太豪华,让大家都不能够专心工作!


所以大家要给贸消部事情做, 不然他们会抱怨你们没有人投诉金字塔诈骗集团, 而不是他们《懒惰》《无能》。

【2015 必须打击的金字塔传销~Mface】
大家一定要照下面知道你的方式进行电邮投诉 。请仔细看看里面内容,有些地方需要附上《插图》。


e-aduan@kdpnkk.gov.my (贸消部)
cau@seccom.com.my (SC)
bnmtelelink@bnm.gov.my (国家银行)

I would like to make a complaint about the MLM company name MBI International.

Address: No.2, Avenue 1, Avenue Ampang, 68000 Ampang.Selangor, Malaysia.

As detail provided, they are using other company AJL license as their AJL license ,How can AJL license share with other company ?
I wondered how they can apply the AJL license with their "Quick Rich Scheme". 

Why I say that it is "Quick Rich Scheme"? It is because:
1) MBI are giving commission when they recruit new investor, it looks like pyramid scheme. The MBI claim that their digital currency (M-Coin and Mface) is LEGAL because there are selling the digital currency for playing online game. I think this is only a sales talk, right? 

(I have a doubt: online game or money game?), and the package is up to 5000USD per lot, how come people want to spend 5000 USD to play online game and the truth is: many people put in a lot of money to buy many lot one time! It definitely not because of the online game, it is because MBI running Quick Rich Scheme behind of the online game:MBI(Mface) promise the value of their digital currency will keep on increase and NEVER DECREASE! 

2) The founder of MBI(Mface) is Teddy Teow, who is also the founder of the cafe scam-island red cafe previously and charge in court before.

3) MBI always use Ex-Inspector General of Royal Malaysia Police Tan Sri Hj.Musa bin Tan Sri Hj. Hassan reputation as part of their company profile to convince people invest more in their company. I don't know whether Tan Sri really know about the digital currency business model or not. Even Tan Sri Musa is MBI consultant, it may also misleading by the big scammer (island red cafe scam founder) that is also the founder of MBI-Tedy Teow. You can also found the profile through MBI website:

4) MBI business model is 100% SAME with UFUN Club (Proven Scam), selling “digital currency”, which already blacklisted by SC Alert list.

5) and few days ago (11.4.2015), UFun CLub raid and arrests in Thailand! 

Hereby, i hope kdpnkk, SC and Bank Negara will investigate MBI " Digital currency".

6) is it against the law of direct sales 1993 and money laundry act Malaysia? My friend and his group want to put in few million to invest MBI Digital currency, he say tedy teow promise the currency is legal, will keep on increase and never decrease!

(sound like money game) The history of the MBI(Mface) founder and Ufun issue make me so worry about their hard earn money… So If MBI are illegal, please take action as soon as posilbe and I am sure that your action will save a lot of people, thank you very much !


【世界不会因为坏人而毁灭,袖手旁观的人才是祸首】爱因斯坦 贸消部:没有人举报,我们没注意到金字塔传销 贸消部的这句话,就应该对他打脸了。 保护公民与消费者利益本来就是他们的责任。但是因为办公司的冷气太冷,装修太豪华,让大家都不能够专心工作!

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  1. thanks 4 da info..however my family especially my mother already 'invest' on this money currency online MFACE before i found this article a few month ago.i already pursue,advice my family not to give money to this scumbags but they never listen.for sure i am not trust something weird like this but you know that gold folks easily believe with this stuffs when involve thousands of ringgit in the air.they also been told that they can withdraw a bundle of cash in next three years.seriously, no body wants give u money, except they want yours.
    #take my piece of life as the moral.

  2. it's easy to persuade malaysian to believe there's free lunch everywhere

  3. 60% member
    20% rolling back
    10% company( charge using their flatform doing bussiness)
    wow..come and joint me...fly with mface..



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